About Us

Hello Fellow Adventurers!
We met in 2001 and right away we knew our common interest was traveling and exploring what our Earth has to offer. Our goal was to try to do one ‘big’ trip a year and we have fortunately been able to stick to that goal and then some! Our biggest and longest trip we have ever been on was the summer of 2013 (Southeast Asia for 60 days). Prior to leaving for that long a period, we decided to write a blog to keep our family and friends in the loop of our travels (and to keep family members fear at bay). However, after returning from our trip, we quickly realized this is an awesome way to capture our trip and keep the memories fresh for US too! Going forward we will be documenting our travels for others to enjoy and for us to re-live.

We hope you enjoy our blog and it inspires you to get out and EXPLORE!!

-Katie and Scott Bray

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One thought

  1. You guys are NUTS!!! LOVE THE BLOG!! Sleeping in an igloo!?!?! Seriously?!?!? I’m totally impressed. But still think you’re really nuts! What great memories. Thank you for sharing.

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