Good Morning Thailand!




After 30 + hours from  Orlando to Bangkok, we have made it to Thailand! We are still in somewhat of a haze and are trying hard to fight the jet lag (plus travel lag)! It is almost 1 pm here and 2 am Orlando time! We also  completely missed Monday! It  disappeared! Monday’s are no good anyway. The travel from the airport to the hostel was pretty straightforward. We took the Air Rail to the BTS (both above ground ‘subways’, the easiet and most common transportation). The people so far have been really nice and helpful! And we are trying to master the langauage here ( just thank you, for now! Kob-khun-krap) There are TONS of backpackers here in Bangkok, which is kinda of comforting to see. Gathering our energy to see the city!

5 thoughts

  1. YAY!!!! Can’t wait to show Arely this, she has been asking and asking “Are they they yet” I’m sure were asking the same question 😉 Again and again we LOVE you guys! Xo Have fun!

    1. Hi Sharyn, so far the bathrooms have been normal, but Bangkok is a large city. We expect to see some different bathrooms when we get into the more rural areas.

    1. The food is quite different. Tons of street vendors and we’re pretty sure there aren’t any health codes for them. Almost everything is rice or noodle based, and lots of meats and fish on a stick. In the business district you can find lots of western food options. We are staying in the northern part of the city out of the touristy/business areas.

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