We can officially say jet lag is kicking our butts. Around 1 pm it starts to hit us (2am Orlando time).  We try and push through, but by that time we have seen a lot in the city and the heat has fried our brain. We have been so tired we are usually in bed by 5:30 (6:30 am Orlando time), we sleep until around 3 am and then are wide awake. I’m hoping this ends SOON!

Lets talk about the heat for a second. We thought this is one thing we don’t have to worry about coming from Florida and all…..but holy hell (literally). It is like stepping in a sauna.   As soon as your outside you start sweating and just accept you are a hot mess in about 10 minutes. The real kicker is all the locals are wearing jeans, jackets and long sleeves (well most of them). It leaves us baffled. We came to the conclusion they have different sweat glands or none at all! We find ourselves looking for mall or 7-11’s, just to get a reprieve from the heat haha. We have come quite adequate in their train transportation system. We know our stops and it is about 40 baht each, which is about a dollar US. And it has air conditioning (score)! But by the end of the day we long for the sign BTS. Home to our hostel with cold showers (self induced) and our own A/C. But all in all this is what makes Bangkok and we wouldn’t change it one bit. Loving Bangkok!

6 thoughts

  1. Haha! This is hilarious. Try wearing what the locals wear… Maybe it keeps them cool??? I added your blog as a thumbnail on my phone. It looks like an app! It’s my Bray App!

    1. Hahahaha! Yay! Thanks for following! I tried to ‘suit up’ like the Thai’s today…. definitely didnt keep me cool. Haha. O well. Im getting kinda use to it now. Next stop has a pool….cant wait for that!

  2. Love the picture Katie!!! It is awesome. Keep taking that type so they all match. Are you using the new lens or your phone?

      1. The second pic looks like Downtown Orlando! Drink lots of water. Aunt Sharyn

  3. Bangkok looks crazy….. so I know you are having fun. Cute pics of the 2wayfaringwanderers!! Sandy

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