Bangkok on a Bike

On our 2nd day in Bangkok we took a half day bike tour around the city.  This adventure was more than we ever thought it could be! We got to see the ‘real’ Bangkok! We went through back alleys, neighborhoods, temples, and much more. It was amazing to see the Thai people in their own element! One event we happened to stumble upon  was the Thai elementary school doing their morning excerise! We were pulling up through a back alley and heard the famous song Gangam Style. To our suprise it was all the kids ages 3 to 8 doing the dance in the courtyard!  We pulled up and started taking pictures! They got a bit distracted by us, so we waived and they waived back shyly. We got a video of both dances, but the Gangam Style is on the GoPro for viewing when we get back. Attached are a few snipits of the bike ride.




Mid-day our tour guide asked if we were thirsty, he said we should try some fresh squeezed oranges.  We thought, we are from the State of Oranges….how good could this be?! Ummmmm AMAZING! Beats Florida fresh squeezed by miles! Don’t know how they do it, but it was a nice treat!


After the bike ride we returned back to Follow Me headquarters. They treated us with a fish feet experience. It’s where you stick your feet inside a fish tank and they ‘nibble’ your feet. Kinda like a pedicure. It was very weird to feel and sometimes the fish took more than a nibble!! This type of pedicure is very common in Asia. And of course they provided fried rice with egg! Yummmm!


On the way home we stopped by Lumphini Park (it’s Bangkok’s ”Central Park”), where we heard the Komodo Dragons are wild and run amuck there. Wow! Not only is this park beautiful, they were not kidding! HUGE Komodo Dragons everywhere! They looked like alligators! This one is on the small side!


3 thoughts

  1. OMG Katie & Scott this is an amazing adventure……your descriptions are delightful….feel like I’m right there with you. Enjoy!!

    Nancy Hess

  2. great stuff… sounds and looks interesting…keep the messages coming…we are enjoying them…. kevin

  3. I’m digging the story time breaks these give me from work. 🙂 Love the architecture of that temple…

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