80 Minutes South…..


We are at it again! Summer is here and we are off!! Will be leaving July 8th to head to the unrevealed island of Cuba.  With all of the headlines on Cuba, we wanted to visit the island before the embargo is lifted. We will be heading there on a specific license for educational purposes (Americans are not allowed to travel there just yet,unless they have a specific or general license to go) We have heard and seen so many great things about Cuba! We can’t wait to explore and research this beautiful island!! Stay tuned!!!!

2 thoughts

  1. say hello to the castro brothers for us while you are there… coincidentally we are going to cubacan this weekend, which is a cuban restaurant in asbury park… p.s. be sure to ask about the JFK assasination while in cuba… This trip of your sounds outstanding… have a great time and keep us posted…K.Cole

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