Giraffe Manor – Part 1

July 12th, 2017- Heaven on Earth

We left you off with the dodgy plane ride back from the bush…the only thing getting us through that small plane was that we were going to Giraffe Manor!  We literally booked this hotel a year in advance. This is why we were going to Nairobi …. this one iconic boutique hotel, built back in the 1930s, that is a gem listed on dozens of best hotels in the world. This hotel caught our attention on a travel channel and knew it MUST be on the list to visit.  If you have a ‘bucket list’, Giraffe Manor is an incredible place to put on the top of your list!

We arrive excited for what lies ahead. Keep in mind, we just came from Sala’s Camp which is a sister property and part of the Safari Collection. All details are handled down to pick up from the airport (which has been super nice).  It is easy to shrug off tough travel days when a sanctuary filled with a herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes is your next destination.  The grounds of this novelty did not disappoint.  Decorated impeccably, we couldn’t help but stare in amazement, and the giraffes haven’t even come out yet! Fireplaces everywhere!

We check in and head to the Helen room. Soooooooo cozy!


Our view from the infamous ‘feeding’ windows hdr_1500032663864

We arrived just in time for lunch in the courtyard. The food is AMAZING!


The grounds are so beautiful!!


Katie surprised Scott for a birthday gift with a professional photographer to take our pictures with the giraffes at tea time. It was so nice to just enjoy the giraffes and have someone else capture the moments!


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Bray-30 copyBray-01 copyBray-11 copy

Bray-06 copyBray-44 copyBray-07 copy

These enormously tall creatures, love treats! Their tongues are a blue/black and are antiseptic so no worries for any germs!  Friendly, even though they like to throw the occasional headbutt, made for a perfect start to our two-night stay.

After the pure joy and straight adrenaline of feeding, we enjoy a few cocktails from the impressive open bar. Literally the bar is there for you to make your own drinks. Or of course if by request have it made for you.


There are only 10 rooms in this hotel so it’s quite intimate with guests. Our first dinner was in the room with no electricity….just candles. Romantic to say the least! We were loving every second of it.  It was only four of us dining that night and we instantly hit it off with the couple we were with. Traveling you are fortunate to meet many wonderful people from all around the world, and tonight was no different.  The couple was from Australia arriving at Giraffe Manor to complete their visit to all seven continents!  Of course, avid travelers can enjoy an evening of travel conversations, especially since reaching all seven continents is a goal of ours! We all drank a little more wine than we all hoped that night! Oh well! It’s vacation!

After dinner, we eagerly head to bed, because we know who will be waiting for us at 6 am at our room windows. We wake to a more memorable quote from Katie, “It feels like Christmas morning,” in her excitement to interact with the giraffes.

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor is likely one of the most memorable travel experiences you could ever encounter!  The pictures can do most of the talking, but just know, as amazing as the food is at Giraffe Manor, I don’t think anyone cared about eating, except the giraffes!




After breakfast, we decided to hang at the Manor. A relaxing afternoon, with a walk over to the Giraffe Centre, where the giraffes enjoy being pampered during the day.  The setting of Giraffe Manor is a perfect place to relax between the excitement of the giraffe visits.

Up next….our visit to the elephant orphanage and another amazing night and morning with the giraffes!!!




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