Giraffe Manor- Part 2 (and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

This evening, we are thrilled to start our fun with a visit to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi.  This elephant orphanage is an amazing place, that may be the root cause for this trip.  Several years ago (roughly eight years), Scott sponsored an orphan elephant for Katie’s birthday from this orphanage, a baby named Naipoki.  Three foster babies later, here we are! It is so weird to follow something on social media for so long, that is so far away, and to finally be standing here……surreal.


These elephants are rescued from distress, either from poachers killing their mom, injuries from snares, caught in wells, or some from natural occurrences happening in the wild.  The goal of this organization is to take these incredibly adorable elephants, foster them until they are healthy and strong, ready to go back into the wild.  This admirable organization also battles for laws against poaching, big game hunting, and for the long-term wellbeing of the elephant and rhino species. Here is the website to this amazing organization and the link to FOSTER a baby! It is only $50 for the year and a GREAT gift.

SO the experience starts with one of the most heart melting sightings, a line of baby elephants running back into their stockades to get their evening milk!  Once they are back enjoying their milk and evening dinner, we are welcome to walk around and ‘tuck’ our foster babies in for the night.  What a meaningful way to see your donations at work.  This also is a great leadup to our next stop after Giraffe Manor, Tsavo National Park where the baby elephants graduate to a more expansive area to roam and get more acquainted with nature.


We got to see our foster babies!!!

This is Murit!


After a bit of time with the ellies, we manage to make it back to the manor in time for the end of tea time, and some more quality time with the giraffes!


Tea time is followed by another quite enjoyable meal, along with our two Australian friends, we are joined by a couple of newlyweds from Hong Kong, and a grandma and grandson from Texas.  ‘Family’ dinner at the manor is awesome, not only for the amazing food, but for the experience of eating with strangers, and the amazing things you learn/appreciate as you talk with people from all around the world! Three continents at one table. So much fun and LOTS of wine!

Bedtime is actually an eagerly awaited moment, because when we wake, we know that creatures almost 20 feet tall will be waiting for us! Oh and were they waiting!!!

Our last morning didn’t disappoint!  Possibly more engaging and enjoyable than yesterday’s ‘breakfast’.  Maybe we are getting comfortable, or maybe they were in a more playful mood, but this morning was heaven!









As we were packing to go after an eventful breakfast, I hear Scott say, ‘Got one!’. Like he caught a fish?! Bwhahaha. A giraffe had come to the window for a late morning snack. Perfect way to send us off!!

Two nights in giraffe heaven has come to an end, as our new friend George is waiting to drive us four hours east to Tsavo National Park (roughly a five hour drive), for our stay in Umani Springs with the orphaned ellies!!!

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