Key West 2020 – The year the world stopped

Little did we ever think we would be land locked! We had Norway scheduled for June/July 2020, but as EVERYONE knows that year took a drastic turn that no one ever expected. Thankfully we live in a beautiful state where we have a ton of opportunities to be outdoors. Our good friends invited us to join them on their boat to do a little off shore fishing. Of course we said yes!!!

After some off shore fishing we decided to head to Key West in hopes to revitalize the island. Many local shop owners were/are dependent on tourism. With the pandemic they were on the verge of closing shop. We thought heading down there will at least help some.We aren’t going to lie, it was a bit spooky how deserted the island was.

We took a whim and jumped on a tour to Haystack Reef. It is only a 20 minute boat ride from Key West. We are SOOOOO glad we did! WOW!

Even though it was a place we have already been, we have a renewed sense of appreciation. Being quarantined in your home for so long and the uncertainties, really puts it in perspective for you!

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