Maui Part 1 – 2021 – post pandemic travel

2020 came and went, without stepping foot on an airplane… We have been fortunate to travel and wander the globe over the past decade, so this time at home gave us the chance to enjoy being home together.  However, traveling has been part of us over the years, and been part of defining our work to live mentality, so we were eager to get back in the air! 

At the beginning of this pandemic, as flight prices plummeted, we jumped at the opportunity to get cheap flights to Hawaii.  Little did any of us know in March of 2020, that putting everything on hold would become the norm. 

Going back to Maui put us on a trip down memory lane.  Back in 2004, we were able to swindle 2 tickets to Maui for $10 each!  Yep, exactly $10 each!  In a post 9/11 world, American Airlines was running a deal to coerce people to fly into NYC.  Two round trip tickets from Orlando to NYC to visit family, and we met their quota for a $10 ticket.  It was our first adventure together, a little foreshadowing of our life as wanderers!  *BABY FACE ALERT*

Fast forward to February 2021, and here we are on zoom, spitting into a vile for what Hawaii considers the most reliable COVID-19 test.  Thankfully, four tests = four negative results (Arely’s good friend joined us for our trip) and finally, Happy 16th Birthday Arely!  

After a lengthy flight with masks on , we finally touched down in Hawaii!

Since this was the first couple months Maui was allowing people in, the covid check in process was pretty easy! We went to get our car and decided to upgrade to a jeep since we planned on driving the road to Hana! We are so happy we got the jeep!

We checked into the resort and were ready to explore Maui! One thing we have heard is that usually it takes about 3 hours to even get your rental car and leave the airport. We grabbed our car and were to our hotel within the hour. I guess this is one perk traveling during a pandemic. Our space looked over the mountains and had a partial ocean view and was the perfect setup for the next week!

The resort was amazing!

Then next day we wanted to take the girls to Black Rock. It was one of our very first memories in Maui. We jumped off that rock a million times and wanted to show Arely. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

And by our surprise, a sea turtle was just swimming along the shore!!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather in February.

To take advantage of the time change we scheduled to wake up and head to the dormant volcano of Maui, Haleakala. We had a tour company bring us to the top, and we biked down 6,500 feet roughly a 23 mile downhill bike ride!

The scenery was gorgeous and the weather was even better!

We stopped for breakfast and a mimosa of course!

And a few other stops along the way!

We had some time to kill before we went ALL the way back up the volcano to watch the sunset. We drove part of the Road to Hana.

We ‘rushed’ back up to the sumitt of the volcano which is just over 10,000 feet. We were still in our beach gear and were NOT prepared how freezing it was up there! We were able to catch the last seconds of the sun setting!

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